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Hex-m17n is a hexadecimal dump tool with multilingual text processing. It can understand Unicode (UTF-8) text as well as many local multi-byte coding systems (e.g. EUC, SJIS, Big5) and ISO-2022 shift-based codings.

It generates various style of outputs: dumb, colored, character-based, “almost-text” styles, etc.


Suid-sudo is a library for writing a priviledged program working with “sudo” wrapper in scripting languages. It supports to write a program which works on both priviledged user and the calling user. Implementations for Perl, Python and Ruby are provided.

zipperlapp / ziprubyapp

Zipperlapp and ziprubyapp generates a executable Perl/Ruby archive composed from multiple modules (files). Generated archives can be handled using conventional zip archivers.